What's different is the same.

Chapter 4/Revolution (Excerpt) – A character named Ego brings the world to the brink of destruction.
At the brink, he has an epiphany that he shares with other characters:

When I played The Mirror’s Game
I got a chance to see
That who we always really are
Transcends Identity

Identity is foreground
Mere images we’re seeing
Connectedness lies deep within
The essence of our being

Beyond the things we think we are
Beyond what we can name
Beyond all words and images
What’s different is the same

We are different and the same
It’s time to spread the word
On the outside, we are different
A Rock is not a Bird

Variety’s the spice of life
What’s different makes life fun
If only we’d remember
We started out as ONE

On the inside, we are Family
ONE constant common core
The Mission that unites us
Calls for The End of War

Join me in Revolution
My turnaround’s a start
Everyone can make the shift
To living heart-to-heart…

What does sameness and difference have to do with overthrowing Prejudice and Greed?

Silence Uttered

Silence Uttered