Where are the profits going?

Catherine donates net proceeds from sales to water.org.

“Water.org has a simple yet daunting mission—we want everyone in the world to be able to take a safe drink of water in our lifetime…We think about the one billion people who are living and dying for water access a bit differently than a traditional philanthropic approach—we see them as individuals with financial power, rights, responsibilities, and energy to design their own futures…”

From IN OUR LIFETIME: Deconstructing the Global Water Crisis and Securing Safe Water for All

by Gary White and Matt Damon, Co-Founders

Donation Amounts (per book sold)

Soft cover = $5.00*
eBooks = $1.50**

Watch for quarterly updates

*After 2500 soft cover books are sold, the donation per book will increase.
**eBook donation assumes sale through Smashbooks.
Silence Uttered

Silence Uttered