What do readers say?

"Silence Uttered is a uniquely creative literary work that takes the reader on a powerful journey of human understanding and self-discovery. Through delightful fantasy and vivid verbal imagery, Klinger portrays the very real and complicated world in which we all strive to attain self-realization and happiness. Gradually, she reveals the spiritual connectivity of humankind and the secrets to achieving global and inner harmony."

Mary Mertz, University Employee, Boca Raton


Jerry Goldberg, CEO, Reading

"It makes me angry because it tells the truth about prejudice and greed. On the other hand, it’s a hopeful book that shows us how to get out of the mess we’re in. Ultimately, it’s a book about saving the planet."

Ronald Gomez, Environmental Entrepreneur, Miami

"Readers will be reminded of their favorite children’s author. Dr. Klinger ratchets it up a few levels with glimpses of Jung and Tolle and Dyer. Such a special gift—I’m giving copies to my kids and grandkids."

Regina Grund, Leadership Consultant, Chicago

"It’s a book about creating a more unified world by dispensing with the labels and biases that limit our ability to see who we really are—but it’s more than that. The word that comes to mind is MAGICAL."

K.C. Layfield, Gardener, Philadelphia

"Silence Uttered opens a dialogue about the superficial manner in which we live our lives and the profound effects that can be accomplished by personal and collective change. This insightful book provides us with compelling motivation for this change and does so in a way that reaches across all ages and cultures."

Lynne Tobin, Artist, Providence

"Don’t let its simple format deceive you, though; this is a thoughtful expression of a deeply spiritual worldview… What I really appreciate about this author’s message is that differences are a part of nature, and are not, nor need be, inherently divisive, threatening, or destructive…Without otherness, sameness has nothing with which to be in relationship, to study, or learn from, or exchange ideas…There is also a subtle lesson here in all that unity includes, and also, succinctly, what it does not- namely, uniformity. Unity as Oneness is very different from the ideas of sameness, or singularity."

Erin Lund, Book Reviewer, Sparks, NV
Silence Uttered

Silence Uttered